Dance world according to my brain.

Shit Ballerinas Say!!! So funny!

The best things happen while you’re dancing (by 78kljk)

Danny Kaye & Vera-Ellen in the musical White Christmas. 

It’s true…. the best things happen while you’re dancing!



The 12 Gays of Christmas (by TMagino)

This brings me so much JOY!!!

Tony Awards ” America ” West Side Story (by abo1121)

This is FIERCE although I love the movie version of both the men & the women dancing also!!!!

Michael Jackson - Beat It (by michaeljacksonVEVO)

Always be prepared to pull these out of your pocket. Essential Michael Jackson moves… moonwalk, hip thrusts, snaps, hacky sack leg, pencil turns, grab your privates & pose (of course).


Don’t believe everything you think!

—courtesy of a bumper sticker